Carnegie Mellon University­, Pittsburgh, PA
Masters of Entertainment Technology
May 2015


University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts – Radio, Television, & Film
August 2010


Creative & Technical Skills:  characters and environments; game-ready assets; 2D & 3D graphics and animations; video, film and audio recordings; costume and set designs; visual and sound effects; illustrations and tech drawings; inventions & digital prototypes

Hardware & Software Expertise: Maya, Mudbox, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, After Effects, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Fusion 360, World Machine, Premiere and Final Cut Pro; Canon GL & XL, Bolex H16, Arriflex S/SR; Misriah M6 Series; Wacom Intuos

Academic Projects

YETI: Youth Education Tundra Initiative

  • Brought the wilderness and wildlife of Alaska to tablets in classrooms
  • Sculpted intricately detailed animals and optimized assets for mobile devices
  • Built environment compressing vast landscapes into condensed game loop
  • Awarded Best Serious Game at 2015 Joint Conference on Serious Games

Slot Car Island

  • Project sponsored by Electronic Arts to create an intuitive racing game for families
  • Final product sold to EA, intended for release on their connected TV service
  • Created vibrant art and animations, appealing to children and facilitating simple but engaging interactions

Building Virtual Worlds

  • Collaborated with artists, programmers, and sound designers in the design and construction of five video game worlds, each completed in less than three weeks
  • Qualified for all 3D and 2D art roles and specialized in character art and animation
  • Confronted complicated design challenges on Occulus Rift and Kinect platforms
  • Maintained aggressive pace to produce high quality assets on short schedules

Delinquent Fuse

  • Independently created a 3D animated short, responsible for all phases of production
  • Modeled, rigged, and textured all characters, props, and setpieces

Work Experience

Intellectual Property Master, Backdraft AerodynamicsMay 2010 – Present

  • Assist the design and construction of a stem to stern aerodynamic system for semi trucks and trailers, improving fuel economy by as much as 30%
  • Create computer models for prototyping, simulation, demonstration and promotion
  • Render animations and technical drawings from precise 3D models, exactingly scaled and detailed down to every last rivet
  • Author claims and specifications, draft figures, and file applications with the USPTO, with two granted patents and three pending
  • Develop the visual ID for the entire product line, designing logos and creating graphics for the web